Hudson Digital XRay - Hudson Digital X-Ray Sucks

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This company has no idea what they are doing.Be prepared to tell your technical problem over and over again.

They even admitted to having no notes the guy said "I just answer the phone." Of course if there is a problem you have to overnight the computer at your cost and then pay to have them fix it and overnight it back. I do not recommend this system to any veterinary clinic.

After doing research I found many clinics that were also unhappy.I wish I had known this before purchasing it has been nothing but problem after problem.

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HDS builds our own computers from scratch, we program and modify the computer to be fanless in a veterinary hospital environment due to hair, dust and moisture being sucked in by a conventional computer, so we do happen to know computers.When a client calls the office a computer tech may not always be available but the person answering the phone will do the best to rectify the problem if not will have the appropriate person call back.

Shipping a product back today is not cheap and either it is charged separately or included in bill. Computers generally last from 3-7 years. HDS has one of the best reputations in Digital Radiography and not one of our clients have yet to replace a major component including the detector, generator or x-ray tube. Many of our competitors have told us they wish they had our system to sell.

It is easy to complain but some people do not know when they are ahead of the game or what can happen if they had selected a different system.Hudson Digital Systems has set the standard in the industry with features, options and reliability.

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